domingo, 27 de fevereiro de 2011


[Originalmente, este foi o pos't Campal traduzido para o Inglês - todos os comentários que aqui estão referem-se ao pos't original].
Hoje, 13/08/13, trago aqui todos os meus envios para o facebook.
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  1. Perfeito!!!
    Tocante e Real ... acrescenta e esclarece!!!

  2. Gostei sim Henrique..é um blog inteligente , atual e profundo.Obirgada pela sua consideração. Sucesso sempre!!!

  3. Letra da Música

    I decided to turn off the news
    I had a feeling they we're trying
    to manipulate my views
    Then I thought maybe we're just being used
    To feed the wannabe guru's ruling all the pews
    As they fight for the top of the three pointed deluge
    Of abuse, well excuse me if I do, believe that
    The structure is crumbling soon

    What we gonna do?
    When we realize our time is through,
    What will they say
    If the veil that they always hide behind
    Is suddenly lifted away

    Hey if there's an unveiling day
    Will we get down on our knees and pray
    To be saved from the firing of truths
    That would come our way
    On an unveiling day

    (It's just like mamma say's
    don't justify just adjust your life)

    So I wanna head for the highlands
    And I wanna walk the road of non-compliance
    Oh I wanna live in peaceful defiance
    Of the heirarchy
    Because we were born free
    Oh and the illusion
    Of the powers that be
    Make us believe in this dark reality
    When the curtain is lifted we'll see

  4. Minha resposta à sua permissão :

    Hi Adelana,

    I am very happy with your permission; and here I tell you how did the poem "happened": I was listening to Shinedown - What a Shame, and I wrote the first sentence under the spirit, under the feeling of this music. But it was too dificult to develop the idea and I told myself I'd rather sleep. I went to my room and layed on my bed but sudenly I heard in my soul "wake up and write", and I said "what to write?". Back to the computer... the voice in my soul "remember that music?"... then I visited your chanel and when I heard Unveling Day, saw the duration 3:33 min... in this exact time I received a mail from CG/Kathmandau - Into the mist, with a video with the same duration 3:33 min.

    Your video 3:33, the other video 3:33 LOL, at first I tought666 but it wasn't it; the right thing sat in the "truth trone", all the 6:66 in Bible, under Jo6.66: Ap/Rev 5.5 (10 fingers, 5 in each hand... unsealing ..."And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.' ] ... e that 333 ... 1Chron 11:20 'And Abishai the brother of Joab, he was chief of the three*: for lifting up his spear against three hundred*, he slew them, and had a name among the three*. ( can one see that unseal is a parable? Hb9.9,10 )

    I said: this is the music, the sign, one more (now, the kingdom is present) and then I developed the idea and I wrote this poem [Campo=Field, Campal=Pitched, the way, the idea is pitched battle, battlefield] and this field is in our body/vessel: 1Thess 4:4 - 'That every one of you should know how to possess his vessel in sanctification and honour;'.

    Sorry for the biblical examples, I am a simple man, I do not know English well... well I have my feet in the floor and I am very happy with my condition, do yo know what I men? I wrote a 1600pg book : Rev 14:20 - 'And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs.' [ Hb9.9,10 ] ; I wrote after met the Holly Spirit, the book is with the publisher and now the same Holly Spirit makes me write to you, who knows why? He does!

    Hugs from São Paulo to you ; from a distant friend [ I think ] , ok ? God bless your path, wherever you go, wherever you are & now , in portuguese :

    eu desejo à vc , tudo de bom , assim como a todos nesta Terra ; que os seus passos se encaminhem , sempre , pela Verdade , e pela Bondade ; e que a Justiça se faça presente , sempre , pela Misericórdia , Carinho , Mansidão , Respeito , faces tão próprias e testemunhas dos filhos do Reino da Luz ; que a sua carreira decole de pronto , e que esta sirva de exemplo a muitos , senão todos os que te rodeiam , em amor verdadeiro . Isto é que eu te desejo , e a todos de igual Forma !!! Sem mais palavras !!! - Good-Bye !!! [ I sent to you , the poem in portuguese and in english ... ( você escolhe qual vai ler ) you 'pick/choose' which one you will read ... L.O.L. ... ]. Now I go ! Bye ! [ In portuguese , we speak ... Fui [ the past of the verb go ] ... & so ... Fui !!!

    Henrique Gabriel Rodrigues

  5. LadyWeaver
    SV:Res:SV:Honour !
    Greetings Henrique :-)

    Thank you for sharing your very interesting thoughts and experiences...

    You never have to apologize for using biblical examples :-)

    I read your poem, you have a talent for writing, I liked it very much, thank you for sharing...Profound thoughts indeed.

    Hehe funny about the numbers, I often see that combination myself...I guess it's meaning will be revealed in time and in seeking...

    Have a fruitful weekend Henrique,

    Keep writing,

    Smiles and Blessings,

    Enviado para: henriel1

  6. Hey, man: Cool! Very, very, fine! You are fine!

  7. É o Rui, Henrique. Que é isso ? Suas idéias tão além, meu caro; e não adianta depender do translator; eu vim pra ver o que você falou, e realmente ... se de cada palavra que você falou e escreveu, mesmo estando em inglês, eu for refletir ... estilhaça pra todo o lado. Abraços, Primo. Tudo de bom, e me dá um toque no próximo , porque eu venho com prazer.

    4 comentários:

    Luis Leante disse...
    Fantástico. Mi agradecimiento a Henrique por darnos a conocer la buena poesía y la buena música, que son la misma cosa.
    28 de fevereiro de 2011 04:49

    Thelma disse...
    Ameiiii!!! Amigo, meus parabéns!! Gostei mesmo a parte que mais gostei foi" Ah ! Será que todos têm essa mesma ânsia ...
    Ou a deixaram pelo caminho ?"

    2 de março de 2011 23:19

    Matheus disse...
    sem palavras...
    9 de março de 2011 17:08

    Rui Gabriel de Azevedo disse...
    Nossa, Primo; que é isto que você está escrevendo? Você está abrindo a sua boca , não é? Parabéns! Não tenho mais o que falar aqui!
    14 de março de 2011 23:54

  9. Cássia salvajoli Alves enviou:

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    Cássia Salvajoli/Bauru News - Print Magazine

  10. Eu tive um bom momento de leitura.
    Lamento nâo ter vindo mais cedo.
    Uma saudaçâo